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Ultra Violence [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Stone Blind Love

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Stone Blind Love
I hope you enjoy it, the fan and battery were fucked up, it was two years old, and the reason I had it in the car was because I was having the MEGA VIRUS I got removed from it, good luck getting it to even turn on. I'm glad there was a virus because this means you probably can't look through my files, listen to my music, ogle my risque pictures, or read my essays for school.


My whole life was on that thing, all my pictures and conversations from 2003 onward, my free, illegal copy of photoshop, all the graphics I've done for work, all my best essays for college, as well as the music collection I'd been building up since high school, most of which I don't have the original cds for. It took me six years to collect all that music! That's what sucks the worst. And that they smashed Echo's window, right after that fucking bitch rear-ended her and tore off her bumper. I feel really bad about the window, I'm sorry Echo.

GOD DAMN IT YOU MISERABLE SON OF A BITCH. I wish I knew who you were so I could kick you in the nardz really, really hard.

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Deudage [Sep. 17th, 2008|05:26 pm]
Stone Blind Love

Two days ago I got this weird tickle in my throat, then suddenly I couldn't quit coughing for about ten minutes, then the same thing happened again later that night. Then, yesterday and today, my throat has hurt SO BAD I can barely swallow. My glands are so swollen! It feels like I got choked. Scary, because I have no other symptoms. I kind of feel like barfing but that's probably because I just ate a bunch of gummy pigs. I probably have throat cancer. THANKS FRIENDS WHO SMOKE for being a bad influence (okay, not really).

Also, before I forget, BETH:  quit laughing at that picture of me eating Wheat Thins, YEAH OKAY it's a clever caption but I'm gonna punch you! I guess not really, I miss you too much to punch you. You're still a dardo, though.

I have a bad habit of writing really stupid, rambling blog entries and then deleting them because I realize they're totally uninteresting, even to me. Instead, here is a tentative schedule of parties I want to throw:

-Houswarming party when I get my new apartment in a couple of weeks.
-Going-Away party for Beth, where hopefully we will be able to convince her to stay.
-Fall party! I kind of want to have a party for the changing of the seasons, back to school, people moving away transition. I think this sounds fun, probably no one else does because everyone is lame.
-Halloween! I don't know if anyone wants to have an actual party or just go out, either would be fun, though I can't decide what to be (I want to be something creepy but I don't think I can outdo my Buffalo Bill costume from last year, unless maybe I dressed as a pedophile or something, which might be too inappropriate, I dunno).
-As I was falling asleep the other night I thought about how funny it would be to have a party where Cait Sith was the guest of honor and had to wear a little hat, but she would probably just be a bitch and hide the whole time or try to take off her hat because she's a total poor-sport. Anyway as I'm typing it I realize how insane that sounds. I have a tendency to think the DUMBEST SHIT as I'm falling asleep, like how fun it would be to ride around on a giant ant (it actually probably would be).


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(no subject) [Sep. 5th, 2008|01:15 am]
Stone Blind Love

I don't want Fall to come because I don't want to go back to school, and I don't want all my friends to leave, or the nice weather to end. I feel sadddddd.

Last night was the bomb. I'm a little (or a lot) bruised and worse for the wear today but it was worth it. I don't want nights like this to end. I'm gonna try so hard to carry on the party torch! I hope everyone helps me out. I have two parties planned already for when I get a new apartment, so keep your eyes open.

I moved all my stuff out of the apartment and into a storage unit today. I feel bad for my stuff sitting there all lonely, probably thinking I abandoned all of it. At least it's all together. I'm really excited to move into a new apartment but I soooo don't want to fucking move again. I try not to be a pussy about it but really, is there anything worse? Moving sucks. Especially when you're a weak little pansy like me.

I got a parking ticket for leaving my Uhaul in a non-loading zone space for less than three minutes. Who tickets people who are obviously moving? Soulless.

This apartment echoes now since there's nothing in it except a mattress. I don't even have any pillows to cuddle, just a couple for my head. LONELY. Still, I'd rather this than be out in Beaverton. It's great living with Echo but mannnnn, I never get to see anyone when I'm out there, and no one ever calls me. Well, I'm only going to be there for three weeks or a month or something (hopefully) but this better not mean no one's gonna want to hang out.

I guess Cait Sith will be happy. And Echo. She loves living with me.

Second to last night in this apartment.

Happy birthday Sarah.


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BIRTHDAYS [Aug. 1st, 2008|06:10 pm]
Stone Blind Love
Echo's 21st birthday party is August 8! We're meeting at Jerylyn's to party for a while and then we're going on a huge awesome whirlwind tour of bars downtown. It's gonna be the fucking bomb, so eeeeeveryone should come. Frankie, I hope if you're working that night that there's a Frankie Special somewhere in the works!

My birthday party is August 11, that's a Monday, and it will be at Beth's. Dress up as either a bunch of purple grapes or a robot. If you're not quite creative enough to make your own costume I'm gonna try to have some spare balloons for the grapes and some spare cardboard for the robots. Maybe there will even be a prize for best costume! I would love it if everyone came and dressed up, since summer has been pretty shitty so far (with some exceptions) so a really awesome birthday party would like, make my LIFE.

Get ready!
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(no subject) [Jul. 23rd, 2008|03:50 pm]
Stone Blind Love
 Is anyone going to see X-Files this weekend?
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The world is over [Jul. 17th, 2008|06:37 pm]
Stone Blind Love
I've been doing all right trying to ignore everything depressing until I feel really okay, (all I've done lately is watch Jackass, make frat-boy jokes, and read Vice magazine) and then I saw THIS.

As long as it's existed, the middle of the Gyre has been a naturally occurring point of accumulation for all the drifting crap in its half of the ocean. Once upon a time, flotsam circled into the middle of the Gyre and (because up until the past century everything in the world was biodegradable) was broken down into a nutrient-rich stew perfect for fish and smaller invertebrates to chow on. Then we started making everything out of plastic and the whole place went to shit...every chunk of plastic that's dropped into the Pacific makes its way to the center of the Gyre and is floating there right now...Based on previous samples, Moore estimated the ratio of plastic to the regular components of seawater in what we were pulling up as 6 to 1.


Not that anything else is really gonna sound important after that, but there are a few announcements I guess:
I have to go to a stupid family reunion this weekend so I won't be able to go see the Dark Knight until stupid MONDAY. Tommy said he would go see it with me Monday night, so if anyone else wants to go, feel free. That would be fun.
Secondly, Jake and I are trying to plan a combined birthday party, which we've tentatively set for Wednesday, August 13, but I don't know what anyone's doing that day so if no one can come we'll probably have to change it. We haven't thought of a theme yet, either, but keep your eyes open, cause you'll probably want time to prepare some kind of fab costume.
Lastly, Pwrfl Power is coming to Portland very soon and is doing two shows, one of which is all ages, so there's no excuse for anyone to not go. That means you, Echo.
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Gentlemen, [Jul. 2nd, 2008|03:17 pm]
Stone Blind Love


There's nothing I can say about this, except how can one person be so kind and wise? How does he know so much about us that he can say something that hits so close to home? I can't remember the last time I was so absolutely moved by something.

In other, less sentimental news, I have a message for anyone coming to my birthday party. We've changed the theme from Buffalo Bill to Beth's idea of "classic costumes." The new theme is grapes and robots. I will provide as much of the costumes as I can since I want us all to match, so if you plan on making your own you have to follow the rules. If you want to be grapes, you have to wear purple balloons, a green leaf hat, and probably green leggings. If you're gonna be a robot, we're sticking to cardboard boxes painted silver, and either gray or silver leggings. No objections, and no one gets in if they're not wearing at least PART of a costume.
I'm moved into Whitney's apartment now so if you're gonna send me mail, it's apt. 305 now, not 406.

Going to see Speed Racer with Whitney, Beth, and I think Tommy tonight. It will be interesting.
Maria Taylor is playing this Saturday, the 5th, at Doug Fir, and I highly recommend it.
Pink Floyd/Led Zeppelin laser light show next weekend. SO excited, and PWRFL Power whenever Beth said it was. I can't wait for that, his last show was the best live show I've ever seen.
I also highly recommend Wall-E, even though I never watch those kinds of movies, it was totally fantastic.
No other news, I have nothing to do now that school is over and I only work 2-3 days per week, so I want to hang out with everyone (JER, Tommy).

P.S. Who is going to be in town for the 4th of July?

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(no subject) [Jun. 27th, 2008|03:10 pm]
Stone Blind Love
 I just read through my friends' page and it's basically the most depressing page I've ever read, everyone is having all sorts of personal trouble right now. I was about to post about all my woes but I don't really want to add to it, so I guess I won't. I still hate everything and want to cry, if another little thing goes wrong I probably will. Stupid week, stupid pms.
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I'll sleep when I'm dead [Jun. 4th, 2008|08:19 pm]
Stone Blind Love
Hello, I'm the LEAST ACCURATE horoscope ever:
Mars continues to energize you Lions and today you receive an extra boost of confidence from a supportive Sun-Mars sextile. Your mind is running on high-octane fuel and the efficiency of converting ideas into action is particularly high.

Sun-Mars sextile?

Anyway I've probably never had less energy because I'm a stupid moron and didn't do any of the work for my Travel Narrative class until the very end, and also didn't realize that the nine chapter outlines would end up taking me hours and hours each. I stayed up for 43 hours straight trying to get it in on time but it didn't happen because I was so fried by the end I would've saved more time by just sleeping and working on it again later when I had a single functioning cell in my brain. On top of this I'm working four days this week instead of two because I need the money. That means less time to finish papers, study for finals, and sleep. Starting Sunday night I have slept a total of nine hours (well, I tried to take a nap yesterday but it was only for about an hour and a half and it wasn't very good sleep because of all the stay-awake additives in my body. I just twitched a lot and had weird daydreams.
I was so tired this morning I accidentally got up an hour too early, luckily I noticed before I left for work because then I would have been stuck outside for an hour with nothing to do. I went back to sleep (overslept) then was 20 minutes late for work with no makeup on.
This has to stop (-___-)

I keep seeing this headline on the news bar on my screen:
Robot climbs Grand Canyon.


There is some   fun to be had though, occasionally:

I saw
at Rotture last week with Whitney and Beth and it was more or less fantastic. There were fireworks outside (which were boring), they had Amstel Light (my favorite), most people were high/trying to get everyone around them high (did not partake, was drunk). The whole thing was this sweet dance party and almost everyone there looked totally fab. I caught a photographer trying secretly (unsuccessfully) to take a picture of Beth and me sitting at a table looking all badass. I wonder if it ended up anywhere. There were balloons, crazy lights, and smoke machines all over the place and the band was fucking awesome as hell. They're all super hot and the lead singer stands there like some kind of monolithic songbird sex zombie, I love it (though some don't, people seem to love it or hate it), it's like a totally hypnotic, visual representation of THE BOMB. They're playing at Holocene July 3rd (between shows in Aix en Provence, Paris, Benicassim, and Moscow, geez) so everyone should go (Jer, that means you this time).

This may not sound like fun to anyone but me and Tommy, but we sat outside in the rain at 7am for like an hour Tuesday morning and had the best heart-to-heart since our hours-long Christmas Break drives. It was great! And I needed a break from doing outlines of Imperial Eyes.

Also went out for a few hours last Saturday for Jled's birthday, it was fun. Except I had to stop drinking and remain sober because Mike got wasted as usual after like three drinks and even though he was supposed to drive and he had work the next day and I didn't, I ended up having to drive us home. I didn't mind though because I got a text from Mike that just said "BONER" so I figured a good time was in the works. I love going out with Jer because it's like a NON-STOP BARRAGE OF FUNNY JOKES and AWESOMENESS. It's gonna be SO COOL when Echo is 21 and we can all go out together. Echo! You're the last one! Hurry up! I've been waiting for this forever.

Grace's baby shower is next Friday, which will be fun. I can't wait to finish my finals so I can get started making her present. I can't mention it here because it's top secret but hopefully it'll end up totally awesome. Otherwise I'll have to go buy something and I don't have any money or ideas.

I'm going to Mexico in exactly thirteen days. We've been planning it so long it seemed like it was never actually going to happen, so now I just kind of feel like "yeah, I'll be in Mexico soon, cool" but I know once I'm there I'm totally going to die of happiness and chillin'. Does anybody want a souvenir? Ponchos all around!

Okay, now it's all work, work, work. Hopefully Beth won't look over my shoulder and realize the "outlines" I spent 20 hours working on are really just pages and pages of me going all ALL WORK AND NO PLAY MAKES JOSIE SOMETHING SOMETHING


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Did you know Frankie’s DAD owns DANTE’S?? [Apr. 12th, 2008|09:54 pm]
Stone Blind Love
Kidding, Frankie!
Just in case anybody doesn't know, FRANKIE IS THE BOMB. He stayed up 'til 10am this morning to buy Radiohead tickets for everyone, me and Jer included. Jer, they're LAWN SEATS which means we can all just sit and chill together! I'm sooooooooooooooooooo excited. I've never seen Radiohead and I doubt I'll ever get the chance again. I'm really, really happy.

Also very excited about our beach house party! It's coming up soon and it's gonna be SO FUN. Two days of non-stop partying. The house is half a block from the beach! There are tons of beds! We're all gonna be there (except Frankie, who will be watching that Pink Floyd guy, which won't be half as fun if you ask me)! If you're not going, you're really missing out! What a good idea, B.

In other news, I had a huge essay about my car here and what was wrong with it and how I solved it, but it was REALLY BORING AND STUPID so I deleted it. Anyway the gist of it was that I took my car to one place who didn't tell me my battery was about to totally give the fuck out on me, I got kind of stranded, then Les Schwab saved the day, for free. Hmph. God it's nice to have a car again, no more bumming rides! Now I give rides and buy lunches!

Today was sooooooo nice, it was so hot I could wear a t-shirt around with no sweater or anything and I was still hot! Beth, Whitney, Tommy and I had a picnic on the waterfront and made fun of dorks and douchebags the whole time, it was funnnn. Let's do this more, guys! I love having free time to hang out.

Sooooo tired from working and going to school 6/7 days this week, I just want to chill tonight and sleep late tomorrow, cause then I'll have to get up and do homework, which is a bummer, but oh well. Dumb school.

Since I have no life and nothing else interesting to say,
(there's a survey on myspace but I've deleted it!)
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